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Can You Touch Halogen Bulbs? The Science Behind It

Many people wonder why their halogen bulbs do not last as long as they are supposed to. Well, early failure of halogen bulbs is often caused by surface contamination. The most likely source of surface contamination is when you touch the glass portion of a halogen bulb with your bare skin. That is what we are […]

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How to Dispose of Halogen Bulbs? A Definitive Guide

There are quite a few types of bulbs and they each come with their own requirements and headaches. For instance, how do you dispose of your bulbs? Different bulb types are disposed off in different ways. Some should be recycled, some shouldn’t. We are going to focus entirely on halogen light bulbs and how you should go […]

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How to Change a 2-Pin Halogen Light Bulb?

Changing bulbs is easy. That’s why we have all those funny changing a light bulb jokes However, changing a halogen bulb is not that easy. There are some factors to consider, particularly for your own safety. This article will teach you how to change a 2-pin halogen light bulb, the GU4 in particular.Different 2-pin halogen bulbs:1. MR8This […]

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Can You Replace Halogen Bulbs with LED?

Halogen bulbs are a bit old school, and LEDs are the modern alternative. Is it possible to upgrade? Yes, it is definitely possible to do that. In fact, this is what happened in Europe last year when the EU banned halogen bulbs, encouraging people to replace their halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. We are here to shed […]

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Halogen Light Bulbs vs LED: Which One is Better for What?

Electricity literally brings light to darkness, and that makes it one of the greatest inventions of humanity. There are various types of bulbs, some more modern than others. Of these, the most modern are LED light bulbs. Halogen light bulbs are less modern and far less efficient. This article examines the various differences between halogen and LED […]

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Halogen Light Bulb Types That You Should Know

There are different types of bulbs: incandescent, halogen, LED, and so forth. Halogen bulbs are not as great as LEDs, but they are certainly better than the traditional incandescent bulbs. In fact, they improved on incandescent bulbs. However, even these bulb types have their own different types. Let’s take halogen light bulbs, for instance, and examine the […]

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J Type vs T Type Halogen Bulbs: Key Differences

T Type Halogen BulbsYou can get halogen bulbs in a series of different sizes and shapes. They have a coding system which specifies a bulb’s diameter and whether or not the bulb features a built-in dichroic reflector. T-shaped halogen light bulbs are tubular in shape. They are the most common halogen bulb shape. They do not […]

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How To Convert 4ft Fluorescent Light To LED?

Fluorescent lights are ubiquitous around the world. You will not find anyone saying that they have not seen this light bulb in their whole life. Whether you are working in an office, taking a class in a university/school or even relaxing at your home, your room is lightened by the fluorescent light. People have been using this […]

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