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How Do I Install LED Light Bar On Roof?

LED light bars are very trendy when it comes to remodeling your car. And remodeling can be done on different vehicles. A recent trend is installing the light bar on the roof of the car. This looks beautiful after the installation because the light spreading from the LED increases the overall attraction. The installation process is […]

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Can You Replace Halogen Bulbs with LED?

Halogen bulbs are a bit old school, and LEDs are the modern alternative. Is it possible to upgrade? Yes, it is definitely possible to do that. In fact, this is what happened in Europe last year when the EU banned halogen bulbs, encouraging people to replace their halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. We are here to shed […]

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DIY How To Make LED Tail Light?

LED tail lights are the best choice if you are planning for a style upgrade of your car or any vehicle. If you are a car lover, your mind will always look for ways to make it attractive and sporty. You will take ideas from TV commercials, movies or even from your close ones about the […]

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How To Dispose Of LED Light Bulbs Properly?

LED light bulbs are famous when it comes to lighting. People planning on upgrading their lighting system always go for these light bulbs. Because of its sufficient energy and long lifespan, it is very beneficial for people everywhere. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use it forever. At some point, the efficiency will come to […]

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How To Convert 4ft Fluorescent Light To LED?

Fluorescent lights are ubiquitous around the world. You will not find anyone saying that they have not seen this light bulb in their whole life. Whether you are working in an office, taking a class in a university/school or even relaxing at your home, your room is lightened by the fluorescent light. People have been using this […]

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J Type vs T Type Halogen Bulbs: Key Differences

T Type Halogen BulbsYou can get halogen bulbs in a series of different sizes and shapes. They have a coding system which specifies a bulb’s diameter and whether or not the bulb features a built-in dichroic reflector. T-shaped halogen light bulbs are tubular in shape. They are the most common halogen bulb shape. They do not […]

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