HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit – H11(H8,H9) Review

If you are looking to increase the light output of your vehicle with an LED kit which will not only be budget friendly but also be a great value for money, Hikari Ultra LED Conversion kit is the one you shouldn’t miss.

This is one of the top rated products of this category on amazon. Here’s a detailed explanation for this -

With the invention of light emitting diodes The usage of bulbs using this technology has grown immensely. Starting from household to bikes bicycles and range of motor vehicles - the use of LED bulbs is now greater than it ever were.

The high demand along with a competitive market have forced LED manufacturers to produce light that are much more concentrated than their counterpart filament based ones. As a result now we see LED lights that have much more focused and powerful beams.

Hikari Ultra LED headlight bulbs produce a concentrated and sharp beam of light That is brighter than any other regular halogen lights used on cars. They also give a stylish look to your car.

The Lights Are rain and fog proof and the manufacturer states that they use a technology to produce layers of beam without any dark spot. and since the bulb is waterproof, you can drive in any weather conditions without worrying.

The good thing about the bulb is that they are available in a variety of sizes so whatever your car model is there is a chance that you'll find bulbs for your desired model.

Like The Other car LED lights this are also plug and play. You can set these up yourself only in a few minutes but it would be a good idea to call a mechanic in case you make a mistake.


Q - Can I fit LED Bulbs Myself?

Ans - Setting up LED replacement bulbs is a plug and play method. There is nothing you have to modify on your vehicle to fit an LED bulb.

However, you might need and electrician if there's any complicated work involved as it is better for your vehicle. But rest assured, you don't have to modify anything on your car and the task should not take more than a few minutes.

Q - If I fit an LED bulb in my car will that Void my Current Warranty or insurance Policy?

Ans - Yes it is likely that setting up an aftermarket device on your car will invalidate your insurance policy or current warranty. It is a good idea to consult your car manufacturer before doing so as some manufacturers might allow it.

Q - Will I Blind the Other Drivers with LED Bulb?

Ans - No. With Hikari LED bulbs, You can be sure about this. They follow a certain pattern and will not blind of the drivers on the street. Also the bulbs are not too shiny nor dazzling to be dangerous for other drivers vision.

Q - What is the Difference Between and LED and a HID bulb?

Ans - The major difference between these two is the way they emit light. HID or High intensity discharge bulbs create a layer of gas from your bulb filaments. The gas creates a discharge and the discharge is stores on the bulb tube.

On the other hand, LED or light emitting diodes He is a kind of diodes that produce light while connected to a circuit. The circuit causes the diodes to produce a wave of photons and the way the LEDs are designed, they can produce a blast of concentrated light .

Q - Why LED lights are better than HIDs?

Ans- Since there are no thin filaments inside LED lights, they are less prone to breaks and damages. This increases lifespan of an LED light. Also the main power source is very small chips. chips keep the temperature low and helps the light to stay cool And as a result increase the longevity of the bulb Bob.


  • High longevity
  • Great Color temperature
  • Good lumen count
  • Easy Installation process
  • Durable


  • Beam pattern is not solid, rather you can see the shapes. Some people don’t like it.


If you're looking for good quality LED headlight bulb kit, this can be a great option. There are better versions that cost much more but for a budget under $100, this will exceed all of your expectations.

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